One Harbor Church | 2018 One Harbor Annual Report
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It is with joy that we present to you the 2018 Annual Report for One Harbor Church. What follows is not a consolidation of our accomplishments, nor is it a dismissal of our failures.


It is, above all, a testimony of grace.


It is a sampling of the Spirit’s work in us. As you read, please consider the goodness of the Lord. Each story is a memorial of remembrance, for the Psalms faithfully remind us that it is good to remember the mighty works of God.


Perhaps the best way to read this report is with a posture of worship, giving thanks for the many ways God has been at work in and through our humble church. And without a doubt, the best way to finish this report of 2018 is with increased faith for what the Lord will do in 2019 and beyond.


For those who have been participants in this journey of making disciples and pushing back darkness, we give thanks for you. We hope that our partnership in the gospel has been a joy and privilege for you as it has for us. May the Lord continue to find us faithful, and in his sovereign ways, make us increasingly fruitful.


For the sake of the gospel,


The Elders of One Harbor Church


Transformed by the Gospel

The gospel is the good news of what Jesus has done. It transforms who we are and it transforms what we do. Below are some ways that we’ve seen the gospel at work in our church in 2018.

2018 Weekly Attendance

We want to make disciples who are on mission in their communities. Rather than meeting in one centralized place, we gather in multiple locations, called sites.

One Harbor Church | 1770 People0%
MHC Site | 850 People0%
BFT Site | 259 People0%
SBO Site | 467 People0%
HVK Site | 194 People0%

Hurricane Florence and Reach Global Crisis Response


One of the biggest stories of the year was certainly Hurricane Florence. In the wake of the destruction, and in our partnership with Reach Global Crisis Response (RGCR), there has been an outpouring of service, love and discipleship. Each week, we have volunteers from around the country come to Morehead City to donate their time to our very own mission field. Beyond removing trees, gutting interiors, and patching roofs, we have had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with people we might otherwise never have met. These efforts will continue into 2019, with an emphasis on rebuilding. 


Total Raised


Florence Stories:

Life After The Storm


Matt and Valerie built their home in Newport, NC just 3 years ago. After Hurricane Florence hit, they lost it and nearly everything inside. Watch their story.




Homes Served




Roofs Replaced

A Story of Servant Leaders: Casey and Kali Moeck


Meet Casey and Kali Moeck. They serve at One Harbor SBO, having been part of the family since nearly day one. Reliably and humbly, they faithfully use their God-given gifts to serve in both the Kid’s Ministry and Youth. Their passion for young people and the impact they are making on the generations behind them are impossible to quantify but are clearly bearing fruit. Furthermore, Casey and Kali serve as hosts for all the outreach and community events that OH SBO runs. In all of this, the Moeck’s have modeled how to serve with excellence and joy, putting on display the image of their excellent and joyful Lord.


2018 Sermons


We prioritize the preaching of the Word. At One Harbor, you won’t hear a sermon that’s not about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Below you can see some of the series that we went through as a church in 2018.


MHC Baptisms


BFT Baptisms


SBO Baptisms


HVK Baptisms


App Downloads in 2018


Sermons Played in 2018


App Interactions in 2018


If 2018 was anything, it was a year of the unexpected. We came into last January planning for a season of rest in One Harbor Morehead, hoping to re-calibrate after the launch of our Havelock Site. Instead, the Lord set a match to our collective unease regarding the rampant substance abuse around us. We have since been burning with a desire to push back the darkness of addiction, which has manifested in an entirely new ministry arm of our church. Furthermore, God worked through the suffering and devastation of Hurricane Florence to open doors we’ve been praying about for years. Our warm and fruitful partnership with Reach Global Crisis Response has led to a sustainable and productive outreach effort into several neighborhoods heavily hit during the storm, to include the area around our church building. In the midst of this, the Holy Spirit raised up a new crop of leaders uniquely qualified to lead and serve in a wide range of areas, from emergency operations to demolition & construction to pastoral care. We finished 2018 tired, but glad to know that we have been found worthy of being poured out for the sake of others.
MHC Square

Living a Life of Worship

Worship isn’t just a genre of music. It’s putting God first, enjoying Him, and living sacrificially. Below are some ways that we have worshipped Jesus in 2018.


MHC Volunteers


BFT Volunteers


SBO Volunteers


HVK Volunteers

Small Town Jesus


2018 was a busy and faith-filled year for Small Town Jesus. Donnie led a cohort for other small town church planters and leaders from all over the country, and even parts of Europe. Those guys spent the year encouraging one another, praying for each other and learning more and more about taking the gospel into forgotten places.


There were three Small Town Jesus conferences in 2018: one in Missouri, another in Oklahoma and another right here in Morehead City. Each helped new church planters and seasoned pastors to love their little towns more while pointing them to the one who loves their towns the most: Jesus.


Small Town Jesus also built a new website, with a vision to offer a vital resource on planting churches throughout the world, offering videos, blogs and helpful insights on what small town ministry looks like.


2019 is already packed with speaking engagements for Donnie at various seminaries and conferences, including a local conference we will host here at the MHC Site to help other pastors in small towns dealing with the same addiction crisis we are. This year, we are expectantly looking to God to move and for Small Town Jesus to be a small tool for others to spread the gospel and push back the darkness of addiction.


2018 was a unique year for One Harbor Beaufort. Leading up to September, we had been experiencing momentum. We were engaging our community with monthly Community Dinners with which we fed hundreds of diverse folks from our town. People were being added to the church and we celebrated 11 baptisms between January and August. When Hurricane Florence hit in September, it devastated the structure of our church building and our whole community took a blow. Forced from our church home, we met on Sunday evenings in the Ann Street Methodist Church for several months. The disruption delivered a serious blow to our momentum.

However, in that season, there was much to celebrate. In the weeks following the disaster, our church mobilized to serve 60 local families with emergency assistance. We are also profoundly grateful for the unity and partnership of Ann Street Methodist Church. During that season, despite a drop in attendance, we saw salvations and new folks added to the church.

Now, moving into 2019, we are focused not only on rebuilding our church structure, but on strengthening our community. We are more convinced than ever that the church is much more than a building, but we are a people on mission to make disciples and push back darkness in Beaufort.

48426341_2056348364426023_924712463193079808_n (1)
Cameron A

A Story of Salvation


Cameron Averitt is a young Marine who initially came to One Harbor Beaufort because of his relationship with Ansley, a young woman in the church. Initially, Cameron was very honest about his skepticism towards Christian faith, but he was also very open to learning more. While on a short deployment in Norway, Cameron wrestled with belief, and ultimately decided to give his life to Jesus Christ. When he came back from that deployment, he was so excited to tell everyone that he had finally surrendered to Jesus. Now, Cameron and Ansley are married and pursuing Jesus together. At his baptism in January, Cameron said, “It’s not about me anymore, my life is about giving glory to God.”


Leaders Discipling Students


Students Being Discipled in Small Groups


Average Number of Kids Hearing the Gospel in Kids Ministry on Sundays

Total Giving in 2018




The Bible says that God gave his only Son, Jesus, so that we would be saved. But not only did God save us, he lavishes on us uncountable blessings and an eternal inheritance we can’t comprehend. God’s generosity towards us compels us to be generous in return. Therefore, our giving is first and foremost an act of worship. (This figure represents tithes and offerings and contributions to restricted funds, such as the Building Fund.)



Since launching One Harbor Swansboro in 2016, we have continued to grow at a rapid yet smooth pace. In March 2018, we outgrew our original location at 502 Church Street and started leasing the Swansboro Town Hall for a gathering space while still using the original location for children’s ministry.


Hurricane Florence was an unforeseen disaster that destroyed our gathering space, but even in what seemed to be a mess, the gospel prevailed. We gathered as a body of believers and served the hurting community through disaster relief by providing food and needs for thousands and working on over 300 homes in the aftermath of Florence. Through all of this, we formed a new relationship with United Methodist Church in Swansboro and they opened their doors for One Harbor Swansboro to meet on Saturday evenings.


In November 2018, we moved back to normal usage of the Swansboro Town Hall. In light of our current lease ending in March 2020, we have been diligently praying and seeking God on what is next for us. As of January 2019, we are moving towards building a permanent home for One Harbor in Swansboro and have gone under contract on a piece of land.


We’ve seen some ground taken with the opioid epidemic and we’ve had doors open with forming new relationships in the school system.  We are not willing to simply watch addiction destroy our friends and family or ignore the increasing rates of suicide among the youth of our town. Please pray with us as we continue to look for new ways to be a blessing to the community and put the gospel on display in Swansboro.


As a leadership team, we are incredibly grateful to God for all that He has and is doing here with all of us.


Committed to Community

As a church, we are called to love one another, grow together, and serve in community. Below are some of the ways we’ve joined together over the last year.


People in Community Groups


Community Groups

Hart Family

A Story of Adoption


In October of 2016, Bryan and Kimberlee Hart received a 5 day old foster placement. Almost exactly two years later, Treyvon Keyes officially became a Hart. His adoption has meant many things to their family, but above all it has been an opportunity to put the story of the gospel on display. Bryan said, “To be the beloved of Bryan and Kimberlee Hart is one thing, to be the beloved of God is another entirely. We hope the lesser will lead to, hasten and make way for the greater.” Also worth celebrating is that the Harts have a loving and warm relationship with Treyvon’s birth mother, Tressa. Their friendship is more evidence of the reconciling power of God’s loving grace.


By God’s grace and provision, One Harbor Havelock launched Easter Sunday April 1, 2018. During our first year, One Harbor Havelock has made a significant impact on our city and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. We filled local food pantries with 500 boxes of local farm produce, sent 200 boxes to needy children around the world through Operation Christmas Child and started a community group on base. When Hurricane Florence hit, our city officials reached out to us for help. We were able to assist in passing out FEMA emergency packs and fresh water to hundreds of families. We also provided helping hands to homes ruined by flood waters.


The disruptions of summer and Hurricane Florence brought unusual attendance variations, which finally began to steady at the end of the year. We are thankful to God and amazed at the 195 people attending on any given Sunday, as well as the two baptisms and six new professions of faith. We look forward with faith that God is going to do abundantly more with us in the years to come.

30711026_982930968542139_4329471491298033664_n (1)

Partnering on Mission

Mission is for everyone. Mission is everywhere. Most importantly, mission is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Below are some of the ways we’ve partnered together for the sake of the mission in 2018.



New Partners in 2018


One Harbor Partners



Families Served through Benevolence Ministry


Dollars given away


Calico Creek Coffee Bar is located inside our MHCSite. The goal of the coffee bar is to make incredible coffee with purpose. All profits from the Calico Creek Coffee Bar go toward local non-profits and global missions.


Dollars Raised for Local and Global Mission Through Coffee Sales


Drinks Made for Calico Creek Guests in 2018


Dollars Raised


People helped or being helped into rehab and/or sober living programs

Justin Tolliver

A Story of Recovery


Justin Tolliver is a young man who nearly lost the chance of becoming an older man. Falling into the party scene at an early age, he began habitually skipping school and experimenting with drugs. As full-blown addiction took hold, Justin became a slave to hard drugs, which left him in physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual torment. His parents attended One Harbor MHC and invited him to join them one Sunday at a worship service. Afterward, Justin approached a few of the elders and shared his story and confessed his need for help. He then committed to a short term detox process and then a long term rehabilitation process at a trusted facility in North Carolina. The past 7 months have been life-changing in the most powerful way for Justin. Not only is he sober and remaining clean from drugs but he has also deepened his relationship with Jesus. Justin is not sober for the sake of sobriety, he is sober for the glory of God — and flourishing because of it. 


Children Sponsored

The mission of Compassion International is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Any child that participates in the Compassion program stands a great chance of experiencing powerful changes in character, understanding, attitude and behavior. But even more importantly, children sponsored through Compassion will be exposed to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the power of the gospel. In May 2018, One Harbor Church hosted the Compassion Experience at our MHC Site. As a result, together we sponsored 598 children in the nations of Haiti, Nicaragua and Kenya.



Throughout history, the people of God have responded with singing to what He has accomplished in their lives. This album, released in 2018, is no exception.


The stories of God’s kindness to One Harbor are many. These songs are simply an overflow of our gratitude and love for a gracious and loving King. We hope that you encounter the living God through listening to these artists and songs.


Stream it on Spotify or support One Harbor Music by grabbing a copy from your favorite music store (iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, etc).


Advance is a global movement of churches partnering together to plant and strengthen churches. Advance is a practical way of describing our partnership and expresses our primary purpose of taking new ground for the Gospel in small towns, suburbs, cities, and nations. In October of 2018, One Harbor Church sent 31 leaders to the Advance North America conference in Brea, California. Check out the recap video to get a glimpse into some of their time together!


Considering the church is supposed to represent Jesus, it is important that our finances are stewarded in a manner which glorifies him. Below is a summary of how we put this important resource to work.


One Harbor hired a CPA to conduct an audit of our 2018 financial statements and received the coveted unmodified opinion. Partners in good standing may review the complete chart of accounts, as well as the auditor’s report, by contacting the church office.

Our Mission