2022 Annual Report
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Dear One Harbor Church,


The last fourteen years have included so many moments of joy and pain as we have labored together to hold onto Jesus and hold Jesus out to our community.

However, when you stop and consider the recent years’ challenges of hurricanes, a pandemic, national divisions, etc., it’s worth acknowledging that we have lived through some very testing times.


There is much to grieve as we recount those years, however, according to Scripture, there is also something to celebrate:


“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” – James 1:2-4 ESV


I am sure many of us find this a strange command, to “count it all joy” when we meet various trials. However, it makes sense if the goal is our holiness, not just our happiness. God’s goal for us as individual disciples, and for us as a church, is our holiness. He wants to make us more like Him. He wants to cause us to live set-apart lives that glorify Him. To do that, trials are used to cause us to come to the end of ourselves and to rely on Him more.


Trials, like massive storms, have a way of exposing weaknesses and humbling us. Trials cause us to walk with a limp, not a swagger.

Which is good because walking with a swagger is not compatible with the Gospel; walking with a limp is!


On multiple fronts, we’ve had to grow in resiliency over these last several years. That is a good thing! God is teaching us perseverance and steadfastness. He is making us more dependent on Him. He is causing us to dig deeper foundations. We must thank Him for His commitment to our good, even when the lessons are painful to learn. Friends, do not stop fighting the good fight of personally following after Jesus! I am thankful for the thousands of folks who come to our services each Sunday and all the big ways that we are able to make an impact in our communities, but I also want each of us to make it to the end of our race.


My prayer for us each year continues to be that God would keep us faithful, humble and hopeful.


For The Sake Of The Gospel,


Donnie Griggs
Lead Pastor
One Harbor Church

Transformed by the Gospel

The gospel is the good news of what Jesus has done. It transforms who we are and it transforms what we do.

Below are some ways that we’ve seen the gospel at work in our church in 2022.



We want to make disciples who are on mission in their communities. Rather than meeting in one centralized place, we gather in multiple locations, called sites.


It is amazing to have so many people come together each week throughout Eastern North Carolina to declare how good God is and to remember how much we need one another.

All-Sites | 18510%

MHC | 8810%

EAST | 2550%

SBO | 4920%

NWB | 2230%

2022 Sermons


We prioritize the preaching of the Word. At One Harbor, you won’t hear a sermon that’s not about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below you can see some of the series that we went through as a church in 2022.


MHC Baptisms


EAST Baptisms


SBO Baptisms


NWB Baptisms

Streaming and Tech


Technology is merely a tool, but it is one we are especially grateful for year after year. God provided a way for us to upgrade the necessary hardware and software to upload and/or live-stream Sunday morning services at multiple One Harbor Sites, while leveraging the App to communicate hundreds of event details, daily Bible readings and so much more.


App Downloads in 2022


Sermons Played in 2022


App Interactions in 2022


2022 was another year of God’s faithfulness in our midst. We not only saw many people baptized and added to our number – some of them are folks for whom we’ve prayed for years. And we are nothing if not proud of the way many of you have stepped up to the plate this year. Our growing youth ministry has within it a strong crop of upperclassmen who have taken up the mantle to disciple their younger brothers and sisters – and the youth now serve us on Sunday mornings once a month! Volunteers have started new ministries to help others fight addiction to the praise of God’s grace.


But growth has not been without challenges: our facilities have been insufficient for the demand. Thankfully, God graciously provided the means necessary to renovate our unfinished office building through the generosity of the church – and He provided temporary offices in the Parks and Rec building across the street! While we wait with anticipation for that project to finish so we can put a new resource to work, we can say with great confidence that our greatest asset has continued to be the help of the Holy Spirit — 2022 being no exception!

becca taylor AR

Becca Taylor

A Story of Salvation


About 20 years ago, I experienced a highly traumatic event. I spend the next two decades angry with God and myself. Then, in 2020, seven weeks after the birth of my third son and just before my 40th birthday, I had a stroke. This was followed by numerous brain surgeries, a terrifying seizure, and subsequent heart problems that nearly proved fatal. As a mom of three young children, paralyzed on my left side, I was not only grappling with severe physical, financial, and emotional burdens—I had to re-learn how to do everything from brushing my teeth to climbing stairs to having a conversation. More trauma lead to more questions. 


Around this time, God placed a wonderful and supportive family in my life. I didn’t know it, but they were praying for me, that God would have mercy on me and save me. 


In one of my lowest moments, I went outside, looked up at the sky, and asked, “Why me?” Everything just seemed so heavy. But Jesus responded to me. I felt as if he said, “This is bigger than you”—and that no one else was coming to save me. It was only in later reflection that I realized his words didn’t mean no one was coming, but that *He* was coming. Jesus chose me to follow him. I no longer wanted to live in a world of chaos without meaning or purpose, so I chose to say yes. I followed Him to One Harbor, and then to my baptism.

Living a Life of Worship

Worship isn’t just a genre of music. It’s putting God first, enjoying Him, and living sacrificially.

Below are some ways that we have worshipped Jesus with the sacrifice of our lives in 2022.


MHC Volunteers


EAST Volunteers


SBO Volunteers


NWB Volunteers



This year was a year of transition, celebration, and new beginnings.


We celebrated our 10 year anniversary as a site on October 9th! It was a special day celebrating God’s faithfulness and provision over the years. Tom Tapping, who was one of the founding elders for the BFT site, came in to help us remember the past while looking to the future and all that God has for us. John Bohnert was ordained that day joining our eldership team as we held our final services in the building that had been home all those years. Later that night, we celebrated all that and the opening of our new facility during our 10 year anniversary party which was held at our new property.


It was a year of transition. As we moved into our new building, we changed our name to One Harbor Church East to help communicate that we’re a church for Beaufort and Down East. We’ve seen many new faces since the move, with many coming from Down East communities, which has been great! Part of the transition included Travis & Becky Evans stepping away from leadership. With support from our MHC site eldership, Scott Beierwaltes has stepped into the role of Interim Lead Pastor for the East site. We added Jeff McNelly and Jonathan Seibert to our staff team with Jeff serving as Executive Director for the site, as well as leading our Music team, and Jonathan serving as our Media Director. Both were answers to prayer as we transitioned into our new facility and looked forward to the future.


We’re excited to move forward in faith this coming year as we continue to live out our mission of making disciples and pushing back darkness, all for the sake of the Gospel.


Travis McClure

A Story of God’s Faithfulness


My name is Travis McClure. I moved to NC two and a half years ago to pursue life change with Hope is Alive. When I moved here I was mess. I was emotionally immature. I was spiritually dead. I was physically broken. But the first time I walked into a One Harbor Church I instantly felt loved and accepted. In that period I have witnessed God working in my life and I have experienced the miracle of living substance free.


What has God done in my life in the last year?


Miracles on miracles, man. Undoubtedly the biggest changes in my life have come out of the community that God has surrounded me with and coming on staff at Hope is Alive Ministries. I could name 10 men off the top of my head, at this very moment, that have purposefully and consistently walked alongside me over the past year. Side note. Every. Single. One. Of them attend One Harbor church. All of these men have seen me at my best and several of them have seen me at me worst in addiction but they never gave up on me. From my perspective it was their love and commitment that opened up the doors for God to do what only He can do.


I am learning lessons that I thought unlearnable. I am running towards tension instead of seeking out comfort. I can easily see the value of the man that God has created me to be instead of loathing the man I once was. Today I stand for something. As my relationships to solid christian men continue to grow so does my relationship to the Almighty. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that God is my provider and that he see’s me and understands me. And even when I don’t understand his thoughts or His ways I can trust that all things will work together for the good.


Since coming on staff at Hope is Alive I am beginning to understand leadership. Good leaders live beyond reproach. Good leaders don’t make excuses. Good leaders do exceedingly more for others and expect little in return. Sounds familiar right? Sounds a lot like Jesus. As the months have gone on I am becoming more and more aware of what good leadership is and should be. I am learning that to love is to lead. If I can do everything with love in my heart then how could I possibly fail. There have been several challenges, as you can probably imagine, while running the house in Otway. But through all of them I have been able to stand tall and place my fears and doubts in God’s hands and he has proven faithful time and time again.


Youth Leaders Discipling Students


Youth Discipled in Small Groups


Average Number of Kids Hearing the Gospel in Kids Ministry on Sundays


This year has been filled with wonderful evidences of God’s grace, kindness and care for us here at OH SBO! During the year He provided new Elders, new Community Group Leaders, new Partners and more people serving in all the different areas of life in the church! We saw “evidences of God’s grace” in marriages, families and singles! Our Kid’s Ministry grew numerically and space wise and miraculously we got much needed larger offices. The HIA (Hope Is Alive) ladies were again part of the life of the church and different Community Groups got to go “love on them” on Sunday evenings.



We continue to find favor with the Town of Swansboro which includes our Special Use Permit for our new building which is now finally under construction and we should be able to take occupation of this multi purpose gathering space in mid-2024! We had a “Giving Sunday” to raise funds for the new facility – God’s people rose faithfully to the occasion with huge a faith response, God is so generous through His people! Most wonderful of all God’s mercies this year was seeing people meet Christ as their Saviour and King! This resulted in lots of Baptisms and especially the “October Beach Baptism” which is an annual highlight! The Elder team continues to work well together and there is a sense of “a brotherhood on mission”.



Lastly, we did have difficult moments during the year but our testimony remains firm…

that God has been, in every circumstance, close, faithful and lavish in His love to us, His people!

Nicholas Pratt AR

Nicholas Pratt

A Story of Hope


From an early age, Nicholas was raised to follow the rules, go to school, get married, and live a life of happiness. This formula for ‘success’ was far from how Nicholas’ life would turn out. His parents separated at an early age and he found himself trying to live up to everyones expectations of him. 


In college, Nicholas decided that after being raised in a moralistic home, college was his time to finally do what he wanted. As he began to experiment with drugs, Nicholas dove deeper into a life of drug use eventually becoming addicted to heroin. For the next 10 plus years, Nicholas saw his life take a series of twists and turns involving homelessness, incarceration, multiple rehab programs, and a depth of drug use that would destroy his relationships and bring him to the end of himself. 


In 2020, Nicholas returned to his hometown to live with his mother and step-father. This would be his last attempt at getting clean. Nicholas began getting treatment for his addiction and started to see that a life of sobriety was attainable.  On New Year’s Day 2021 Nicholas decided he was done. He began living a life of sobriety like he had dreamed, but something was still missing. His life was back on track. He was getting things in order yet still there was a void he couldn’t quite figure out.  


Through a mutual friend, Nicholas was introduced to Heidi McWilliams from HIA.  Heidi invited Nicholas to church and he attended for several weeks.  One Sunday, Heidi was unable to attend service and Nicholas decided to go by himself.  During the sermon, he heard about Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, and the verse ‘what prevents me from being baptized’ struck a chord with him.  Nicholas realized he had been coming to church and giving continual excuses for not taking his next step.  Although he had come alone, Nicholas realized that nothing was preventing him from walking forward after service and receiving the gift of salvation he had heard so much about. 


In the days after, Nicholas began to feel forgiveness in his heart. He realized that God had truly forgiven him for his past and he found a new freedom to walk in. Nicholas has seen his relationships transformed. Both with his parents and loved ones. Many have said that Nicholas is unrecognizable from who he was before.  God has begun a new work in Nicholas. He has noticed that he is less angry and more loving than ever before. 


He is thankful for the new community God has placed him in and the ability to cultivate relationships that have depth and meaning. Nicholas hopes to continue growing in his love for God, his relationships with others, and to be able to help others find their place in the Kingdom.

Committed to Community

As a church, we are called to love one another, grow together, and serve in community.

The last few years have proven how vital being together is for each of us.

Below are some of the ways we committed to community in 2022. 


People in Community Groups


Community Groups



“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.” Isaiah 54:2


The word “enlarge” best describes our site this past year. We moved into to a new city and a spectacular venue. There has been an abundance of God’s grace to celebrate with newborns, baptisms, and new partners. Lets not forget the growth of our Youth Ministry that saw its weekly attendance double.


While growth is exciting that enlargement requires a “strengthening of the stakes.” We’ve felt God’s goodness to us as our leadership teams grew. The eldership team grew with the additions of Freddie Mercer and Elliott Lytle, as well as Alan Barts coming on full-time. Youth Ministry’s leadership team also grew by leaps and bounds.

Beyond the numbers we stretched and strengthened ourselves in the Lord during our media fast. There were numerous testimonies of how pivotal and challenging (in the best possible sense) that week was. As leaders we’ve noticed a burgeoning desire and hunger for more of Jesus. Outside of Sunday gatherings and Community Groups folks are gathering for prayer, participating in Community Bible Reading, and joining cohorts to fight for sexual purity. All this movement toward Jesus is beautiful to behold.


Looking ahead to 2023 we are adding a second Sunday service to accommodate all the growth God has brought. He is spreading our tent curtains wider. As God does this the verse commands us to “Let him” and also “do not hold back”. God’s enlargement requires our submission. We are going to need more community groups and more people moving from attenders to partners. This mission of making disciples and pushing back darkness is what we get to do together. Let’s not hold back in our passionate pursuit of God, His glory and His mission.

Thomas is pictured in the middle.

Thomas (middle) is pictured here with some folks from our NWBSite.

Thomas Lane

A Story of Unexpected Friendship


“Christmas Eve is our Anniversary. On Christmas Eve, I usually take a plate to a man who lives downtown alone. But last Christmas, that man wasn’t home. So I headed to where Thomas Lane (Also known as the waver) usually sat, waving at passers-by.  He’s a homeless man who has lived on the streets for about eight years.  For the last few months, he had been living in a Cemetery on my way to work, where he would wave to me. It was always a delight to get that wave and smile during sad times.  I had my son with me that night. I stopped and shook his hand, introduced my son and myself, and handed him a couple of plates of food.  He was grateful and a delight to talk with. I asked him if I could do anything for him; he wanted somewhere to place his tent and stuff so that no one would bother it if he had to leave. That week I allowed him to move his tent into my office backyard.  He lived there for a few weeks, and someone brought him a small camper.  Over time I grew to know and love Tom; I trusted him enough to give him a key to my office so he could shower and use the kitchen. His small camper had to return to its owner, so I allowed him to move into one empty back office. 


He is a very organized guy, and now that he had somewhere established, it was much easier for him to try and get assistance. We spent much time working on getting him a housing grant. He did most of the work.  He lived in my office for about six months before the funding came through and landed a small place in Jacksonville, NC. A short time before he moved into his new home, another Elder (Elliot Lytle) at our site (NWB) agreed to sell the truck he had at an excellent deal. Tom got a little bit of money, and David Kick, who knew Tom from the past, raised the rest by asking a few other members. Greg and Emma Wehrman fixed a few things on the truck for him. They gave it to him as a present on a Sunday morning. I was on vacation, but everyone who saw it loved it. So within about three weeks, he was given a car and had a place to live. 


This was not a top-down relationship. Tom has been as much of a blessing to me as I hoped to have ever been to him. He is an absolute joy. He’s funny, kind and uses his truck to help people with rides. We eat lunch together a couple of times a month, and he often pays. In the last couple of weeks, he has brought lunch to my job twice, and this Sunday, my family was sick, so he came by the house and gave us 50 Dollars to get dinner once we started to feel better. He said, “He had been blessed, so he wanted to bless us.” He has.”


Freddy Mercer, One Harbor New Bern Pastor

Partnering on Mission

Mission is for everyone. Mission is everywhere. Most importantly, mission is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Below are some of the ways we’ve partnered together for the sake of the mission in 2022.



One Harbor’s Partners are co-laborers in the advance of the gospel in ENC. It’s our version of Membership, but we call it Partnership because it reflects the fact that we are shouldering a load together. Nothing that God calls us to could we do alone.


New Partners in 2022


One Harbor Partners


Reach Global Crisis Response


Over the past four years we, alongside the help of our friends at ReachGlobal Crisis Response, have worked countless hours doing construction in people’s homes, sharing meals with our neighbors, and most importantly, sharing the love of Christ with others.


  Hundreds of volunteers from around the country and locally have joined together to rebuild from Hurricane Florence. During the past 2-3 years a small group of dedicated men, Tommy, Bob, Rick, and Al, have served almost every Wednesday, working alongside ReachGlobal volunteers and serving as team leaders when necessary. The gift of hospitality through disaster relief is demonstrated weekly by Chris, a local volunteer who has served countless hours preparing, making and serving food at cookouts all over the eastern half of our county. Chris sets up almost every week on a little trailer with a grill bolted to it hitched to the back of a truck, to cook food for our neighbors. He is eager to always be present with the staff, volunteers, and homeowners. Tommy, Bob, Rick, Chris, and Al’s selfless service is often unnoticed and they require no praise nor desire to be seen.


This team has dedicated their time, efforts, and resources knowing that our God has called them to serve the least of our brothers and sisters, knowing that we have served Him.


Dollars Given Away For Local Benevolence Needs


Dollars Raised to Rebuild our Communities


Volunteers That Helped Rebuild Homes in 2022

Corey AR

Corey Boyle

A Story of Recovery


I was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC. My parents worked at the Onslow County School District and I have an older brother. My childhood was normal by most accounts, I was your everyday, trouble making little kid. As a child I did experience, multiple times, very traumatic events which made me feel different and less than the other kids around me and I started seeking out ways to cope with that pain. At 11 years old I took my first drink and used my first drug. I never wanted that feeling of euphoria and comfort to leave and from then on continued to seek those feelings out. It made the pain and uncertainty disappear.


Drinking and using followed me throughout my life. I brought it into every relationship that I experienced. It led to two failed marriages and two broken families. My biological daughters and my step children saw the worst of me. I remarried for the third time and found myself repeating the same patterns except this time my life was beginning to unfold around me. Everything was being turned upside down.


My business was beginning to struggle, I had lost the trust and respect of my family, I was getting into trouble with the law and I was completely distant from God. I was hopeless. Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, one of the pastors at One Harbor asked if I would be interested in joining the Hope Is Alive Mentoring Program and on 3/17/22 my life began to turn around. Since that date I have been experiencing the radical life change that HIA promises. Through the rigorous and searching phase work that is required of me I am beginning to discover the man that God created me to be. My house cleaning business has been retained and I am regularly having to turn work down, I am regaining the trust and confidence of my family and friends and I have put together more sober time then at any other point in my life.


Through my leadership in the home I was asked to step into the House Manager position where I get to take part in the mentoring and guiding of the other men within the home. While being in the program I think my biggest takeaway has been learning the importance of placing God as the top priority in my life. If he is at the front everything else seems to fall into place. And by continuing to make the right decisions and seeking counsel from the trusted men in my life I will continue to experience the renewal of my mind, heart and spirit.


Individuals We Directly Helped Take The Next Step Toward Sobriety


Dollars Raised Through Calico Creek and East Coffee Sales to Help to Fight Addiction


Dollars Given to the Redemption Fund Toward Pushing Back on the Darkness of Addiction

One Harbor is part of Advance, a movement of churches that exist to plant and strengthen churches.


More than ever, pastors in America are leaving the ministry, many abandoning the faith all together. With that in mind, it was an honor for One Harbor Church to host leaders from all across the Eastern half of our country this year to be encouraged to keep the faith and stay the course. We were also able to help contribute to the needs of Advance churches scattered across North America, The UK, Nepal, India, Africa and Asia.


We remain grateful for the mutual strengthening of our partner churches and are proud to call them friends.

Our Allies


We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with some terrific organizations both locally and globally!


The Storehouse Food Pantry
Hope Mission
Young Life
Hope is Alive
Loaves and Fishes
The Bridge
True Justice International
Watershed Ministries
The Gathering Place
Hope Is Alive
Every Nation
Church Planting and Development East
Frontline Church
The Movement Church
The Village Green
Glasgow Grace Church


Below are summarized reports of One Harbor’s financials from 2022.


Partners in good standing may review our most recent audited financial statements upon request, and as always, may also request to review the complete chart of accounts.

Total Giving in 2022




The Bible says that God gave His only Son, Jesus, so that we would be saved. But not only did God save us, He lavishes on us uncountable blessings and an eternal inheritance we can’t comprehend. God’s generosity towards us compels us to be generous in return. Therefore, our giving is first and foremost an act of worship. 



This final number reflects all giving throughout all One Harbor Sites,

including building projects and special offerings.




We take seriously our responsibility to help others. The figure reported here includes those dollars given away through our benevolence and addiction ministries, what was given to local ministries, what was used to plant and strengthen churches, and more. 


Dollars given away


Our Mission


Make Disciples
Push Back Darkness
All for the Sake of the Gospel